Text Box: Oklahoma Cue Sports
2021-2022    Players Hand Book

The Oklahoma Cue Sports  pool league office has an affiliation with  The American Cue Sports Alliance Sanctioned leagues.      
This Organization Follows the World Standardized Rules 
However anything stated in our by-laws will supersede National Quidelines
ACS  American Cue Sports 

3 & 4 Player Teams / Scotch Doubles / Scotch Triples / 8 ball & 9 ball

Phone:: cell 918-850-1501
all schedules, stats, tournaments & much, much  more are on

Wishing you a great league year  
POOL TIP ::   keep your head down and follow through 
1 The League
2 League Championships
3 O.S.S.G.
4 The Captian
5 The players
6 Playing Out
7 Schedules
8 Reschedule Matches
9 Position  Round
10 Missing Players
11 Starting times
12 The score  sheet
13 Coaching
14 Rosters
15 A: Last 2 weeks of play
  B: Last 2 weeks of play
16 Substitution Rule
17 Split Matches
18 Average  Calculations
19 Breaking Ties
20 Played the wrong Player
21 Questionable Shots
22 Split Matches
23 Playing on different teams in the same league
24 Conceding the game

PARKER   918-381-9364

Player Fees
26 Match Forfiets
27 Award Tournament
28 Award location
29 Marking the 8ball pocket
30A Forfeits  A-team scratch
30B B-team Handicap
30C Player 
31 Game Protest
32 Cell Phones
33 Slow play
34 2 table play
35 Cost to play
36 Bad Checks
37 Official Cue Ball
38 MCW records
39 payouts for zip game
40 4 player 8 team  payout
41 Thur. 4 players 10 teams
42 3 player
43 League Records
44 Tournaments for you
45 January League Playoffs
46 Drawings
1 The League OCS is a sanctioning body for VNEA & ACS  and offers upperlevel play for
all members. Qualifying times are 
ACS- Nationals 8 weeks State  6 weeks  ( May 9-16,2015
VNEA   Internationals  12 weeks in a year   (May21-30, 2015
VNEA Junior leagues 6 weeks 4 weeks for championships (July)
Oklahoma Sooner State Games
Other ACS & VNEA State events
2 League All Sanctioned OPS / VNEA -ACS   members are eligible for these events
Playoffs after they have played 4 matches in one session
3 O.S.S.G. This office is also the headquarters for Billiards with
The Oklahoma Sooner State Games and have an invitation to
travel to Colorado  in late summer and Hershey Pa, the week after
4 The Captain Each Team has a captain and each captain is VERY important to the team .
Captains are given a folder that contains everything they will for the team to play
if it is lost there is a $20 charge to replace it
 Their obligations are
!:To start matches on time and see that all players are present
2:Score sheets are to be filled out completely, all monies collected and mailed and  
the scores are to be mailed no later than 2 pm the following day. In the event of a
discrepancy the HOME teams score sheet will be considered the official score sheet
 It is important that all player feats are  listed Example  ERO's-8 on break  and score sheets match
in  leagues that play 8 & 9 ball you must say if the feat was 8ball or 9ball
5 The players You are 1 member of a team  It is important that when you commit to a team
  you are present for  your matches and if you have to miss a week then it is
 your responsibility to find a sub to take your place.You  may ask for assistance of your
 team mates, captain,or league operator ,but ulimatley it is your responsibility
  to see that your postion is  filled. If a player is missing it cost  the team  games.
Which is really hard to overcome
6 playing If a player is allowed to shoot out for emergency purposes they will pay for all the games
out played out but will still retain the break. Once a player is finished they must leave  within 10 minutes
 If They stay around they will FORFEIT  ALL THEIR GAMES
7 The Schedule All schedules and standings are on www.OklahomaPool.com If no one on the team has
  internet access  I will be glad to Fax . Another alternative is the Library. You can gain
 internet access there. Also now so do cell phones.
  Teams play each other twice once at each others home bar 
8 Reschedule If you ask for a reschedule date on a match it must be done 24  hours  prior to league play
Matches and must be played within 2 weeks at the timethe other team designates This  league office is to be
informed  when a match is played late always write the day it should have been played
9 Position Half way through a league season and at the end our teams play a position round
Round Any matches that are not played  by  the P.R. will not be able to be made up and the
attending team will be given 3/4 of the match, The forfeiting team gets ZERO
Both teams will be responsible for the weekly fees as sponsors do not pay for forfeit
All  player fees and sanctions must be CURRENT 
  YOU FIRST CONTACT  THIS OFFICE:::If you fail to do that without consent
We will assign a player who is current with their sanction and who has a well 
established average. The players ave. or the teams highest ave. will be used
which ever is highest
ACCORDING TO THE STANDINGS the odd numbered teams will go to the even number teams
 club  example: 1st place team goes to 2nd place team::3rd to 4th, etc.
On the last P. R . If 2 teams are in the same position then the location reverses
10 Missing Players A match cannot be played if a team is missing more than one player
11 Starting times   weeknights-7:30        Saturday -NOON     Sunday  -1pm/ 5pm / 7pm  some leagues differ
all matches are to start on time.  Players have 1/2 hour from start time  as a grace  period
At least 2 players must be present and ready to play at match time the others can have a
grace period  of 30 min. where they can make up any missed games: after that,  they forfeit any
games they missed but are allowed to play all remaining games )
 Do not think that if you are late the other team will let you make  up your games.
That is a courtesy sometimes extended, sometimes not.. Its up to your opponents
12 The score  Each team will fill out their line up (First & last names required ) then pass to the 
sheet opposite captain to put in their players. All writing must  be legible or scores might be entered
incorrectly   Follow player line-up  and breaking order  
Fill in all information. Failure to do  so can result in improper documentation
List break/rack n run  &- 8 on the break/rack.     A Rack & Run must start
with all 15 balls on the table and apply's only to the rackers 1st turn to the table.
It is important that the score sheet is filled out completely;
list all special feats and make sure it is also on the other teams score sheet
Not listing feats could  cause you to not receive special awards.
When playing 8ball and 9ball in the same match you must list your feats as 8 or 9
13 Coaching COACHING IS NEVER ALLOWED :if it is suspected that a player is being coached 
then their team captain should be approached about the situation  and given a
warning  It can be requested that the player sit away from their team.
:If that does not stop it ,this is the order of fouls:
1: Ball in hand  foul against the player
2: Lose of game against the player
3: lose of game/round against the team
any conversation about the game,  to the shooter, during the game, at any  time can be called
coaching any secret codes or signals to a player will be considered coaching
Spectators that advise,coach or harass a player during competition will be asked not to interfere and if
they persist then bartender or sponsor should be informed and the spectator be removed from the area
14 Rosters OCS leagues run with an open roster. :: However you are only allowed as many subs as
your player format:: Example:: 3 player teams =3 subs.  4 player teams =4 subs
all players and subs MUST be sanctioned on their 2nd week of play
any player on your roster at seasons end with 2 matches will have their sanction fees deducted
from the teams winnings
  If a team uses  more than the allowed subs then the lowest ranked player will be
  eliminated along with their scores
  B; Any team or player who just does not show up the last two weeks of play will forfeit prizes and monies
Exception::If a player makes contact with their captains and makes arrangements to be absent
16 Substitution A team may sub players in and out of a match if the following criteria is met.
1: you must inform the opposing  team captain before the start of the next round
which player is to be taken out  and who is to be put in. the Highest ave.is used
If a player is returned to the match  they  must be replaced in their original position
17  Split Matches whenever 2 players split games they carry the highest average for those rounds
  Unrated player can not be used in split rounds
Please note that split matches do not count toward national qualification
18 Average All regular players carry over their averages from season to season ( first 3 weeks)
Calculations For New Players:: if a team does not have 3 players with an ave. the new player starts as a 7
teams having 3 players  with averages use their combined average for the new player
If a player has only 1 week for avg. (4 games) then use avg of all (8) games for week 2
Text Box: FYI
(figured at the end of the match)
A new player may also have a average assigned if they are a known player
19 Breaking Ties 1st: team playing scratch wins
2nd:team with the the 10's in that round
3rd:team with the most 10's at the end of the game
4th Team with the most points at the end of the game
5th STILL TIED:: pick one player from each team and
       have them play one game.   round goes to the winner of the game:
  No scores are given for this game .It is simply a tie breaker
20 Played the If the game is completed: that score will be forwarded to the proper place on the score sheet
wrong player If the game is not completed :the captains will stop that game and  restart
 with the proper players
21 Questionable
It is always wise to ask for a referee on a close or questionable hit
Shots this should be someone who is agreed upon by both players and who is
knowledgeable of the game and if possible a non participating player. If a  good
ref. is not available the Captains are fine for the job but
Once a referee is chosen Their call is final and remember  please
22 Play on more A player can not arbitrarily play on  two teams with in the same division ,but  under special
than one team circumstances it may be deemed possible to switch teams with the consent 
on the  same from the captain on the team that the player is leaving and it is up to the.
night discretion of the league director to make the final decision
If this infraction is committed the second team will have to forfeit those games
23 Conceding Breaking your cue down while your opponent is shooting will result in loss of game for
the game you if it is called by your opponent. That is considered a concession
24 Player Fees All fees are the responsibility of the team, and it is the Captains duty to place
  a check or money order in the provided envelope and mail it the night of the 
match  .Returned checks cost you $20 on top of the money it was written for.
25 Match A match forfiet is penalized with a $50 fee to the home team
Forfiets A second forfeit by the same team is penalized with  leaving the league and ALL money forfeited
26 Awards Following seasons end,  on announced dates, all teams go to the first place teams bar
Tournament where they are given awards, money and are eligible to play in a
  FREE tournament as long as they have played 3 or more matches
  At this celebration each team will bring a dish or snacks. I will also bring something
  and we will all enjoy each others company and plan the next seasons events
  extra prizes  will only be given to  players, entering the Tournament 
  Any team or player not attending the Pool Party will not receive extra prizes, pin, etc
27 Awards In order to hold this event  the host bar must have 2 or more tables and 
Location ample seating for all team members:: If your sponsor does not meet these qualifications then
the league' s winning team will choose a location that does and has been a part
of that league session
28 Marking the All VNEA   leagues must Mark the 8 ball pocket
8ball pocket Failure to do so is loss of game (Even if both players agree )
ACS  is call your pocket .make sure your opponent is aware of the called pocket
                                 Team Forfeits
29A Scratch Team present wins100% of the match   opponents get zero
1st forfiet team pays  a $50 fee to the sponsor  2nd forfiet Team is eliminated from the league
29B Handicap Present team  regular fees and gets 3/4 of the match  opponents get zero
                                Player Forfeit
29C Scratch Present player-10 points and one game win/   absent player-receives zero 
Handicap Present player gets 10 points absent player---receive their average minus 3 points
Absent Player  forfiets games 30 minutes after match begins or after  the 1st round
but they can play any games left
in extreme cases a player may call the opposing teams and ask for permission to get caught up
If they are given courtesy then they will give up the breaks and pay for all their games 
30 Byes When a league has a  odd number of teams
there will be no money paid and full match scores given in scratch league
31 Game Text Box: GAVE US

There are none: Can't come to an agreement: Play the game over
32 Cell Phone No cell phone calls while you are playing a game. Have someone take the call for you.
If you are expecting an emergency inform the opposing team before the match
33 Slow play 60 seconds is a long time to execute a shot; Any player holding up a match and
taking a long time  can be placed on a shot clock. However once that is done,
 both players are put on the clock.  If long waits still occur both teams could be put on a clock.
Please remember:: You are playing for fun and for the love of the game
You are playing in a drinking atmosphere. Things get a little louder and a little slower
Be careful not open Pandora's Box
34 2 table play TWO TABLE PLAY
At 10pm it is mandatory to open up a second table for play
At ANY time that  the home team wishes to play on 2 tables then do so.
  What does it cost to play
35 Sanction fees Pay by the second week and you avoid late fees
ACS $15 ($5. Late fee)   VNEA  $15 ($5. Late fee)    Dual Sanction Leagues are $30 ($5. Late fee)
5player teams Sponsors Fee $50
5 player teams weekly league team fees $5. per player  ( includes Office Fees  $1 per player)    Total team Dues $25
4 player teams Sponsors $25 with 8 or less teams     9 or more teams pay $50
weekly league team fees $5. per player  ( includes Office Fees  $1 per player)    Total team Dues $20
3 player teams Sponsors $25 with 8 or less teams     9 or more teams pay $50
weekly league team fees $5. per player  ( includes Office Fees  $1 per player)    Total team Dues $15
36 Bad Checks $20 charge plus what you wrote it for. If it will be  bad  DON'T WRITE IT
cue ball If your sponsor does not provide you with you can buy one from me
in any case if either team has the official ball , that is the one to be used
38  MCW League                              Most Consecutive wins
records  Male   Phillip Davis-34      female  Sharon Coats /Aron Allen 25
39 payout for 3 player team $50 for a  30-zip game
zip games Text Box: Opponents scores no points
4 player team $75 for a 40-zip game
5 player team $100 for a  50-zip game
league payout  4 PLAYER  TEAMS
40   Text Box: Generated $2048 in Prize money   Pays out $2170
Top League player-$25 plus ACS State entry
All Top Team Players win Oklahoma Sooner State Games Entry

Pool Party Tournament $100

League Playoffs$100
8 teams
1 $350
2 $300
3 $275
4 $225
5 $200
6 $175
7 $150
8 $125

41   Thursday Big Dog League 10 teams   4 PLAYER TEAMS
1 Text Box:   Total Payout $4800
Top League players ( Male and Female ) -$25 
All Top Team Players win ACS State Entry 
8ball mania ($1000 added ) $100

Pool Party Tournament $250
1st $55 / 2nd $45 /  3rd $35 / 4th $25  Top woman $20

2 $650
3 $500
4 $450
5 $400
6 $350
7 $325
8 $300
9 $225
10 200   $4150
42 Sunday 1pm 8ball 9ball 112 teams   3 PLAYER TEAMS
1 $370
2 Text Box: $3456 Generated    ::: Total payout  $3470
Top male and Female players $25
All Top Team Players win ACS State Entry 
$100 to 8ball mania   ($1000 added )
Today Tournament $100
1st $50 / 2nd $30 / 3rd $20 /  Top female $10
as always a side pot is available for tournament players
3 $330 Text Box: Omega Billiards
You will get 1 ticket in the hopper toward a Universal Break Cue when your ACS Sanction is Paid
4 $315
5 $280
6 $255
7 $230
8 $205
9 $180
10 $165
11 $130
12 130   $2945
43 League                              Most Consecutive wins
records  Male   Phillip Davis-34      female  Sharon Coats /Aron Allen 25
$100 will be paid to the first   40 zip in our league.. Who will it be?
$550  will be paid to anyone breaking these ties
44 Pool Party, Awards and Tournament
This event is held at the end of each session at the 1st place teams bar. Awards are given out, 
Everyone should bring  food and there is a short free entry singles tournament for you to play in.
This evening is as much a part of your league play as weekly play.We all play hard to be the first place
 team so that we can host this event.Most often the sponsor will hire extra help to take care of us
,so there are only two things that you should know.
 # 1 If your team working for a perfect attendance pin then they must play in the tournament and
#2 you must be present to receive any special awards you have earned.
I personally spend a lot of time gathering sponsors to give their merchandise to me so that I can award it to
you plus I make a lot of plagues so you can remember your team mates and how well you did.
I have  ALWAYS thought it was EXTREMLEY rude for us to just show up for the prize money then leave.
Text Box:                                Tournament dates
ACS Nationals, Las vegas May 5-11,2012
VNEA Nationals  Las Vegas May 24-June2,2012
Oklahoma Sooner State Billiard Games July20-21,2012
Rocky Mountain State games (Colorado Springs)  July 27-29,2012
ACS Team Championships  Oct. 2012

           ACS Nationals May 11-18  Las Vegas
The  Month Of January is Very Special because during these
Tournaments you will be able to win 
Local Money  along with National entry's for teams, Singles & Scotch Doubles
We will be giving away at least
4 Standard team entry's
4 Singles entry's
2 Scotch Doubles
I start giving the money early in the evening so we would have a couple bucks to spend on this very
special night and it would not interfere with our household budget.
 So let's do what this EVENING was intended for.
Play a little pool, visit with our friends and have a celebrtation of the seasons end
Through this league you  have access to  2 National tournaments
Several State & Regional tournaments and lot of weekend events