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Sunday ACS  -1pm     ( html)

Tuesday         ( html)
Sun TIGER "A"div.        ( html) Wednesday VFW      ( html)
Monday VFW                 ( html) Thursday ACS            (html)
Monday LADIES                ( html)                
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      For a new player : Its a little confusing, but we want you to have your avg. the same night of play.  have fun... 

  1. If the team does have 3 players with an avg. Then use the avg. of those top 3 players on stats.
  2. If a player has only 1 week for avg(4games).  Then use avg. wk1 plus tonight's games for avg .at end of match total 8games
  3. After 2weeks use avg. on stats.    Thanks and  have a great season.
  4. Only new teams with only 2 or more new players :---  will start with a 7 average 
  5. All  Regular Players use there Carry over AVFW1104.TXTverage from last season for 3 weeks. (then use stat sheets avg.)

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