Tuesday    4 player teams   4 singles 

 Wednesday ACS  3 Player teams  VFW in Sapulpa    8ball and 9ball 

Wednesday 3 Player teams  In-House at Sandite Billiards ( FEB 28 TH ))

Thursday :  ACS 4 player teams    4 singles      started

Monday Lady's ::4 player teams    4 singles ( MARCH 6 th )

Sunday Travel  3 player teams     8ball and 9ball ( MARCH 19)

Sunday B.A.C.  3 player Teams Oct 16 3 singles 2 scotch 1 triple ( MARCH 19)



You can become eligible to play in : 6 ACS state tournaments

Standard and Open & Advanced Divisions

#1-ACS State Scotch Double  Rigg's in Langley  win a National Entry  

#2-ACS State Single's at Sandite Billiards and win a National Entry

#3-ACS State Teams at Sandite Billiards  and win entry  & rooms  in Las Vegas

ACS State Same Sex Scotch Doubles  in McAlester win a National Entry

This  ACS League offers a League playoff in the month January  where you can win National entry's  

 ( All national entry's are early bird standard entry's.  If you are a open player you simply pay the difference )

Entry's to the Nationals before Jan . 31st are the cheapest .

all entry's and room rates go up after January