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OKLAHOMA  POOL  STARTS  HERE   and Ends in Las Vegas

 Sandy Chamberlain  DAY TIME office  918 355-2551   Sandy's Cell : NIGHT TIME 918 906-8779  

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Mr. Keith Costigan Has joined ONE BILLIARDS    call me for the next: free show  at    ONE Billiards .





We can see that this transfer between Jason and myself might be a little confusing.. Let me help!
As of May 1st Jason will be in charge of the league bookwork  and will become your ACS League Director

ALL NEW SANCTIONS (due June 1st) will be sanctioned with Jason's ACS League
I will continue to work with him on the leagues that I started
You will always be able to call me about anything and I will either help or refer you to Jason
I will still be involved with the ACS on several level's
I am going to work the OKC State Fair this year along with the Tulsa State Fair. 

I have wanted to do that for 20 years
I am expanding My buying and selling store and anything else that sounds like fun to me

so watch because there are some great NEW ones for this year


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Mueller - Pool & Darts
Cue-Stix International
Lucasi Hybrid Cues
Players   Cues
J Pechauer Cues
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For your high tech computer needs.
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The International Instructor : Mr.Keith 918  355-2551

Individuals   $35 ( includes 2 hours )  

  Group Lessons : $45  ( includes 2 hours )

Simplified Rules of 8 Ball:   4 or more balls must hit a rail on break, Open after break, call that ball into that pocket, Do not need to call obvious shots...

For a legal hit:-- Cue ball must hit 1 of your balls first then ,something must hit a rail or pocket a ball.               

  .E.R.O.  = Your 1st time to the table and all 15 # balls are on the table (and you run out).Eight-ball Run Out